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6 Great Tips to Launch Your Second Career

6 Great Tips to Launch Your Second Career For many years now, weve watched aculture of almost continuous restructuring and contingency work displace the job-for-life. Rather than staying at a single company for most of our careers, today we have an average job length of just over four years. Its elend just individual jobs that have come under threat, but entire career paths. We live in an era where entire professions are being supplanted by rapid technological innovationand automation. Not only can we no longer expect a job for life We may not even be able to expect one career for life.Its very likely that most us will have second careers, and some of us may even have third or fourth careers. Despite this fact, much of the career advice one finds on the Internet and elsewhere focuses on how tolaunch your first career. In my opinion, its high time we started talking about how professionals can star t their second or third careers. Today, then, I offer six tips on that very subject1. Learn From Your First CareerLaunching a second career means more thansimply doing the exact opposite of your current career. You may even like some aspects of your current career, and you dont have to discard them entirely.Rather, what you should do is take a look at your current career and identify the things you like and the things you dislike.Make a list of the likes and dislikes, and then seek out a second career thatretains the likes and dispenses with the dislikes.2. Select Your New Career Based on Your Well-Prepared Career GoalsBefore selecting a newcareer, you need to clearly set out your new career goals. For example, millions of Americans between the ages of 44 and 70 are looking for encore careers.These are second careers thatcombine personal meaning, social impact, and, levels of income that are consistent with or higher than a persons income in their previous career. Younger career-cha ngers may also be looking for such encore careers, or they may be driven by desires likeincreased income, job satisfaction and engagement, and employability.Once you are crystal clear on your career goals, you can go about choosing a new career path that best aligns with behauptung goals.3. Beware Industries and Professions Where Jobs Are in Terminal DeclineWe live in volatile times Globalization and increasing automation mean that many industries will experiencemassive reductions jobs over the next 10-20 years.The Occupational Outlook Handbook provided by the U.S. Bureauof Labor Statisticsprovides forecasts about declining and rising industries over the next decade. A recent Oxford Martin School studysimilarly surveys thejobs that are most vulnerable to automation in the coming years. I highly suggest career-changers spend some time studying these resources to ensure that the new careers they choose dont disappear a few years down the road.4. Select a Career path Where There Jobs a nd Salaries Are Expected to GrowRelated to the previous tip, career-changers should try to get into career paths where the escalator is going up, not down. You can find out which professions have the most growth potential using the sources presented above.5. Leverage Your ConnectionsChanging careers isnt easy, but career-changers do have at least one advantage over first-timers who are new to the working world their networks. Most career-changers have likely built powerful networks of high-level contacts over the course of their first careers. They can leverage these networks to find new opportunities in new career paths.Remember, studies show that candidates who are referred to an employer are much more likely to be called to interview and offered a job. As a career-changer, your personal and professional is the secret weapon that can give you an edge over those who are just starting out. Use it.6. Obtaina Relevant Certification to Boost Your CV and Demonstrate Commitment.A great w ay to prepare yourself for your new career and to show potential employers that you are committed to your second career path is to obtain a relevant certification via night school or online learning. Taking the time and effort to engage in professional developmentwillprove to employers that you are dedicated and ready to give your new career all that you have. Employers will look favorably on this, and youll be more likely to land interviews and jobs as a result.-Making a career change can be difficult, but its also increasingly becoming the norm. Starting a second career isnt the same as starting your first, but if you follow these tips, youll stelle yourself for success on your new professional path.

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The Top Paying Media Jobs

The Top Paying Media JobsThe Top Paying Media JobsHigh-profile media jobs often can pay salaries well into six figures or more. However, these jobs are the exception to the rule. Media is a broad term, and jobs that fit under that umbrella generally fall into the categories of berichterstattung, arts and entertainment, or public relations. The highest paying jobs typically are the ones that take place in the national spotlight or in the largest markets. These jobs are rare, and fruchtwein opportunities will be found in smaller markets. So, while its possible to sign a multimillion-dollar contract as a network news anchor, top pay for such a position in most markets is going to be closer to $100,000. Editor-in-Chief A person in this position is in charge of the editorial content for a newspaper or magazine or perhaps oversees a book publishing imprint. Bonnie Fuller, who used to head US Weekly and Star Magazine was making a reported $1.5 million in zu sich job at Star, which is no t unusual for such a high-profile publication based out of a large market like New York or Los Angeles. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for editors in 2017 was $58,770 (the most recent available as of January 2019), and only 10 percent of those in the position earned more than about $90,000. So, if youre running a publication in a medium-sized market or larger at something less than a major national publication, its reasonable to expect pay in the neighborhood of six figures. Art Director Like media itself, this covers a broad range of responsibilities, including overseeing the visuals for magazines or book jackets. There also are positions available in arts and entertainment and in various forms of public relations. Its a creative position that requires visualizing how to design something appealing on a canvas of a specific size, such as posters and book and magazine covers. BLS reports that as of 2017, the median salary for art directors in the motion picture and video industries is $112,800. For those in advertising, public relations and other specialized design services, it is $95,000, and for those working for publications, it is about $81,000. Those doing high-profile work in the largest markets can expect to earn significantly more than the reported median salary. Producer Producers who work behind the scenes at major network news shows like Dateline make well into the six figures. In general, television remains a more lucrative medium than print when it comes to salaries, but the title of producer can apply to radio, film, theater, and other industries. In general, anyone who is overseeing productions in any media can be called a producer. Like other industries, those in high-profile roles can make into the millions for producing a major film or a Broadway show. Media salaries, according to BLS, are more modest about $90,000 in public relations, about $87,000 for smaller films, just shy of $60,000 for local r adio and television, and the same for performing arts, spectator sports, and other related industries. TV News Anchor When Katie Couric was hired to anchor the CBS Evening News, she signed a contract for $15 million annually, but the number of similar positions available can be counted on your fingers. Most anchor jobs are found on local television news broadcasts, and BLS reports that the median salary for such jobs is around $60,000. The variation from market to market is significant, though. Someone anchoring the local news in Tacoma, Wash., will not be making nearly as much money as someone at the news desk in New York City or Los Angeles. Director of Publicity A senior-level publicity position, likely working in book publishing, can net someone from $70,000 to more than $100,000, according to BLS. Again, the higher salaries come with being in a bigger market and at a bigger imprint.

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United debacle When can employees speak up

United debacle When can employees speak upUnited debacle When can employees speak upThe dragging of a bloody doctoroff a United Airlines flight at Chicagos OHare Airport was a customer-relations disaster thatsent the companys stock tumblingand did untold reputational damage to the company.The bizarre incident, which appeared to center around Uniteds rigid policies for dealing with customers, also leads to the questionwhere do employees draw the line between policy and individual judgment? And why were United employees so reluctant to defy the companys official policy?The military roots of the airline industryAndrew Gilman, President and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group, told Ladders about the nature of the flight industry.The airline business has to zulauf on a very command and control structure, much like a military operationIf you dont have that you wont be successful. Gilman added that airlinesneed people to do things on time, follow the rules, and it works 99% of the time.The air line industry is, in fact, ruled by checklists that allow very little variation, even for pilots.In his book, The Checklist Manifesto, author Atul Gawande notes that many cockpits hold checklists for what to do when theres a crisis. (The first entry Keep flying the plane. Apparently its common for pilots in panicky situations to take their hands off the controls.)But the focus on checklists and rules doesnt mean its easy. On airlines, just as in the military, rebellion is swiftly punished. The rigid guidelines of the industry dont allow room for flexibility in many personal situations.The harder part of the business or any organization is when and how you can use judgment or other tactics to get the main results, Gilman told Ladders.Gilman also referenced the concept of the Golden Hour, a medical theoryused by R Adams Cowley, MD, of the University of Maryland, which refers to the critical moments for survival following a traumatic injury.Right now, United is still in that emergency response mode. First they have to react, then figure out how to repair reputation- this goes for customers and employees, Gilman told Ladders.So how long could this firestorm continue?Gilman told Ladders that he thinks that for the next month, the customers or passengers might think,What are the chances that Im gonna be asked to be moved? when considering United.Employees tend to favor flexible managementThe way supervisors lead companies impacts how empowered employees feel to speak up. Flexible management and rigid management create two very different work cultures. In rigid cultures, employees feel they cant speak unless they have the title or standing or disagree, which may prevent problems from being flagged.Theres also a historical switch in how we work the rigid management styles of the past, centered on all-powerful bosses, are giving way to flexible, non-hierarchical structures broadly.The Edward Lowe Foundationfoundthat employees in the current workforce crave a mora leisu rely management style, and that the very nature of the workplace and the work to be done demands it, even though old-school management experts reportedly dont favor getting rid of strict rules and letting workers manage themselves.But the textoffered specific advice, including this that may have come in handy at United strike a balance between a strict policy and complete freedom. Be available to those employees who need more guidance than others. Also be sure to give feedback to workers, so they wont feel all their hard work has been performed in vain.The articlealso recommends that managers meet with workers to see how much they like the businesss existing structure, adding that some employees thrive on rules and may be quite pleased with a micromanagement approach. More often than not, however, employees are bound to reply that they wouldnt mind a little more flexibility - more freedom to create their own solutions and perhaps even the ability to decide when and where their work will be done.Applying this to the United Airlines draggingincident the way bosses act probably impacts their responses to emergency situations.The power of positivity at workBeing a good manager can go a long way toward softening a workplace culture and making employees feel more welcome.An 2015 article in the Harvard Business Reviewlist a slew of health problems that can arise from work-related stress- including the fact thatthere is a strong link between leadership behavior and heart disease in employees, according to a large-scale study done by Anna Nyberg at the Karolinska Institute. Stress-producing bosses are literally bad for the heart, the authors wrote.The article gives bosses four tips on how to promote certain workplace positivity principles the authors list foster social connections, show empathy, go out of your way to help and encourage people to talk to you especially about their problems.The general rule is that leadership truly just come from the top, and an under standing culture may even help employees health.

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Securities Trader - Securities Trading Careers

Securities Trader - Securities Trading CareersSecurities Trader - Securities Trading CareersAnother career path within financial services that can be highly remunerative is securities trading, whether of stocks or of bonds. Traders look to earn a spread between what they charge buyers and pay to sellers. The spread on shares of stock often can be mere pennies, but substantial profits can ensue from the sheer volume of activity. The key personality trait in trading is the ability to think and act quickly, and to gain a feel for the direction of the market. Traders attempt to limit risk by maintaining as small an inventory of securities as possible. However, a sudden rush of orders from customers wishing to buy can create problems if inventory is too low, just as an avalanche of orders to sell will force the trader to accumulate excess inventory, which places more capital at risk. When trading imbalances occur, nerves of steel are an important attribute. Unlike investment bankers, trad ers tend to keep regular hours, often ending work shortly after the normal close of the markets at 4 PM Eastern Time. If you have a knack for certain fast-paced video games, along with an aptitude for economics, perhaps trading will be a suitable career for you. Find Job Openings Use this tool to find current job openings in the field. Compensation Compensation for securities traders tends to be heavily weighted towards bonuses based on the profits that their trading activities generate. It is not unusual for top traders to earn more than senior executives in many firms. In the determination of these profits, the conventions and assumptions utilized by their firms in the development of management reporting systems and transfer pricing methodologies play a critical role. During this writers career at Merrill Lynch, these were very contentious matters within the ranks of traders, since they had a direct impact on their compensation. In particular, much debate focused on trades exe cuted for retail clients through the firms network of financial advisors. In the case of some categories of securities, determining the value added by the retail distribution channel (and thus the amount of trading revenue to be transferred in these internal reports from the trading desks to the retail brokerage division) was subject to intense debate, with several plausible methodologies, offering varying results. The fruchtwein contentious issue of them all regarded the portion of the bid to offer spreads that theoretically would go to compensate institutional salespersons, in the case of trades with institutional clients. By rights, this slice of revenue (however measured) should have belonged to the retail brokerage division on trades made by retail clients through the financial advisor network, since no institutional sales person would be involved. However, the political clout of the trading desks was such that they were able to retain this revenue segment and have it augment t heir bonus pools.

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10 Rules for Dating a Co-Worker This Winter

10 Rules for Dating a Co-Worker This Winter10 Rules for Dating a Co-Worker This Winter As the temperatures drop, many singles are searching for someone special to snuggle with on winter nights. You know, a winter boyfriend, a seasonal someone or a winter bae. However, some are taking these relationships to the next level by dating a co-worker. Gasp Yes, the taboo often becomes popular as snow falls and holiday parties pop up.When you are dating a co-worker , beware of adding more complications to the mix. But, this doesnt mean that is impossible to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker. You just need to go about things a bit differently than you would if you were dating someone you dont work with. While there are no hard and fast rules about dating co-workers, there are some unwritten rules that you should take heed of in order to be able to properly balance your work life and your romantic life.The most important rule about dating in the workdistribution p olicy is do notlage date your boss. There are several good reasons for this. First, if the relationship doesnt work out, there could be a lot of tension. Also, some of your co-workers are likely to become resentful, and if you receive any perks, bonuses, promotions, etc., they may think that you are just getting special favors or preferential treatment because of your relationship status.Many people make the mistake of dating certain co-workers because they think it is going to help them to get ahead in the workplace . Not only is this a sure-fire way to make a lot of enemies at work, even if you do get ahead, you wont be doing so on your own merits. If you are going to move up the company ladder, do it on your own. If you get there because of a relationship, you might just find yourself going back down the ladder once the relationship fizzles out.It is never a good idea to rush into any romantic relationship, especially when it involves a co-worker. No matter how attracted you are to the other person, dont jump right into a serious relationship, or jump right into bed. You need to take time and make sure that this really is the person for you, and work on cultivating a solid relationship. Spend time together and really get to know one another. Find out what each other wants from the relationship to make sure that you are going to be right for each other.Even though you are feeling happy and in love at the moment, there are no guarantees that any relationship is going to last forever. You need to be realistic about your situation, and be prepared for a breakup, just in case. How are you going to handle dealing with this person at work every day if you are no longer a couple? Will one of you be willing to move to a different department in order to avoid one another if you cant get along? Are these even things that you want to deal with in the first place?Learn about Office Policies on Dating Some companies allow inter-office dating, while others frown on it. I f you are thinking about getting involved with one of your co-workers, you need to find out what the company policy is about dating co-workers . It is a good idea to have a talk with someone from HR to make sure that you arent going to be breaking any company rules or get into any trouble by dating your co-worker. Dont wait until you have been terminated because dating a co-worker is against company policy.Your relationship needs to be kept separate from your work life, and you need to remain professional at all times while you are at work. This means that you cant be spending your time sending love notes via email to each other, staring at each other from across the room or conference table, or even talking about your relationship. While at work, you both need to maintain a professional appearance, and only talk about work-related subjects.You may be happy and in love, but not everyone wants to see the two of you in public displays of affection, especially in the workplace. Not only is this unprofessional, it is going to make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. This goes back to being professional at work. Keep your relationship strictly professional in the workplace, and enjoy the romantic aspect of your relationship on your own time. No holding hands, kissing, hugging, flashing rings or other expensive jewelry, suggests Paul Gian from Beyond4Cs .You can keep a few dates secret, but if you decide that you want to be in a serious relationship with a co-worker, at some point, you are going to need to inform your employer. It is better that they hear it from you instead of through the office gossip mill. You dont have to go into great detail about your relationship, but it is common courtesy to tell your boss what is going on, and that the relationship is not going to interfere with your performance on the job.In any workplace, there are some people who you can talk to and trust, and there are others who are going to have rumors spread faster than yo u can tell the truth. It is best to keep your new relationship quiet in the beginning, until you know for sure that things are going to work out. Dont tell anyone about the relationship until you are both comfortable, and you have decided who you can trust and who should be left out of the loop, at least for the time being.If you and your romantic partner are involved in a tiff, dont involve your co-workers. Again, be professional, and keep your relationship out of the workplace. Most people dont want to end up having to take sides and be right in the middle of your fights, and those who do are likely little more than instigators or trouble makers who love the drama, but arent really there for you. The only exception to this rule is if your best friend also happens to be a co-worker. After all, you need someone to talk to, right?

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Robots Grow in Numbers

Robots Grow in Numbers Robots Grow in Numbers Robots Grow in NumbersThe International Federation of Robotics (IFR) expects new installations of industrial robots to reach 200,000 units in 2014, and grow 12 percent annually between 2015 and 2017. That would boost the worlds industrial robot population to more than 2 million in 2017.In 2013, the latest year for which the organization has complete data, schlussverkauf of industrial robots rose 12 percent, to 178,132 units worth $9.5 billion.IFRs data comes from projections of its members, the worlds top robot manufacturers. The data include robots, but not peripherals (grippers, welders, cameras, and the like), software, and ordnungsprinzips engineering. Those installed costs, typically three to four times the cost of the robot, would bring the total market to $29 billion in 2013.Automakers still drive the market for industrial robots. In 2013, they purchased 69,400 units, a 4 percent increase from 2012, and accounted for nearly 40 perc ent of all industrial robot installations.BMW highlights some of the changes in the industry. The German automaker started by linking groups of robots to programmable linear controllers. As robot controllers grew more powerful, they replaced some PLC functions. This supported larger, more distributed, more flexible, and safer networks of robots.BMWs robotic welding line, in Spartanburg, S.C.Today, BMWs typical installation involves 800 to 1,000 industrial robots handling payloads of 10 to 750 kg. Master production scheduling takes place in the cloud, and the orders are passed down through manufacturing execution systems and 150 PLCs, each one connected to several robots. The resulting system can produce up to six different car derivatives on one line, allowing real-time customization.Going forward, BMWs Stefan-Markus Baginski, a senior manager involved in robot installations, expects systems for programming and connecting robots and PLCs to become more open and standardized. He also expects more robot-human collaboration.Until now, robots were limited to white body applications, the automated welding and joining of auto frame and body components, according to Universal Robots CEO Enrico Iversen. This is because working around high-speed robots is dangerous.Universal is a pioneer in safer industrial robots that stop quickly when they contact a person. This enables them to work near people without hurting them. BMW and other automakers have begun installing these robots on assembly lines, where they can split such jobs as positioning and joining parts.The same human-friendly robots can also shuttle work pieces in and out of machines, pack products, run tests, and place pepperoni slices on pizza in assembly lines near people.Annual global robot sales by key industries, 2011-2013. Source International Federation of RoboticsElectronic and electrical products are the second largest industrial robot market. Orders rose 11 percent, to 36,200 units, in 2013, about 20 p ercent of all installations. While many electronic devices are made in low-wage nations, those countries are also rapidly installing robots to achieve the high quality needed to compete in international markets.According to IFR, China added 50,000 new robots in 2014. It expects installations to rise 25 percent per year and reach roughly 100,000 robots annually in 2017. This will double the number of industrial robots now in China to 400,000. At that point, the number of robots in China will exceed those in Japan, Germany, Korea, and North America.China combines an enormous manufacturing base with very low robot density. The country currently has about 30 robots per 10,000 employees. Japan and Germany have between 10 and 11 times that density. China may be able to absorb many more robots.There are many factors, in plus-rechnen to quality, driving the increased use of robots. Robots have already demonstrated their productivity. As a result, many factories choose to add robots as they retool to use new materials (such as composites) and energy-efficient technologies.Robots are also growing easier to program and more flexible to use, enabling factories to switch between products rapidly. This is increasing the practicality of robots for smaller manufacturers who cannot afford a dedicated staff to program their systems.View the current and past issues of Mechanical Engineering. For Further Discussion Automakers still drive the market for industrial robots. In 2013, they purchased 69,400 units, a 4 percent increase from 2012, and accounted for nearly 40 percent of all industrial robot installations.

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Freelance Resume Fundamentals Explained

Freelance Resume Fundamentals Explained Life After Freelance Resume Instead, keep all of the freelance assignments together under one heading and nobody will be confused. There are already plenty of freelance jobs in need of highly technical applicants to supply the requirements of the company operations of the organization. There are lot of freelancers that are always searching for attractive contracts depending on the skills. In bigger companies, freelancers (often known as independent consultants) are often asked to supply resumes. Freelancing provides the perfect respite, if youre one of the numerous who is running the success-race in Freelance resume writing. Freelance work ought to be included as a boost to your resume, and is less valuable if youre doing work that doesnt relate to your field or wouldnt lead to a reference. Freelancing is an honorable employment status and ought to be treated like that. MW Sales Manager Gday Allison, The resumes seem fantastic and hav e been submitted for a variety of positions. Research the company that youre applying for If you do work for a number of clients, the company name may be your own especially if youre already incorporated. If you are searching for resume writer jobs, were always open for cooperation. There are quite a lot of websites where he can bid for freelance jobs along with good publishing houses whod love to translate books into various languages to raise sales. Make sure your freelance resume can assist you in getting the interest of your prospective employer. If you select the word freelance, its far better to bring a particular work you performed. Now you are aware of how to compose a killer freelance resume. Unfortunately, the term freelance in the industry world may have a slightly negative meaning. Writing about a wide variety of topics assures youll secure a bigger readership. You wish to supply the reader the most relevant information as rapidly and cleanly as possible. The w riter can also conduct ghost writing for famous personalities and create money. There are lots of freelance writers who are ready to talk about their experiences. Offering free resume reviews is one method to discover clients. Possessing a well-designed resume can help you distinguish yourself from different candidates and present your experience in a manner that makes a long-lasting effect on hiring managerswhich can ultimately be the foot-in-the-door you will need to land the job of your dream. Whether youre more of a minimalist or think a high-design alternative is better, it can be useful to choose a few choices to begin. That youre a food photographer who also builds furniture in your free time may be the deciding factor for a client who would like to make certain that the photographs have the appropriate vibe. Freelance graphic designers get the chance to combine art and technology as a way to communicate ideas with a massive audience. Needless to say, its always a grea t idea to have a portfolio to demonstrate your future customers. You may employ your blog for that, or shop around for a person who is searching for new reviewers. An applicant who doesnt necessarily have to be employed but has the access of her or his time to work flexibly, is believed to be a freelancer work. Learn what the typical pay range is for the work title youre being considered for. Concentrate on anything pertinent to the job which you are applying for. If youre asking for work thats a stretch, you must do extra work. The Bad Secret of Freelance Resume If you fulfill the above requirements, wed like to hear from you. If at all possible, add your terms for the employment like the length of the contract and responsibilities you will undertake for a certain project. Instead, you must include things like the jobs that have the most kompetenz relevance to a prospective employer. Customize each copy for the particular job that you are applying for. Freelancing 101 is an occasional series to help the growing number of freelancers in the marketplace. All freelancers should have a site to showcase your work. Most freelancers wear a number of hats, which means you might actually require multiple resume versions. You are able to concentrate only on resume writing work because weve got secure and quick payment module. So once youre writing down your present and previous projects on your resume, have a look at every section carefully. As you can format it in many of ways, elect for simplicity. The alternative is to list freelance work beneath a business name which is as straightforward as Freelance Designer.